The crawl archive for November 2019 is now available! It contains 2.55 billion web pages or 250 TiB of uncompressed content, crawled between November 11th and 23rd with a short operational break on Nov 16th. It includes page captures of 1.1 billion URLs not contained in any crawl archive before.

What’s new?

We’ve added two new fields to the URL indexes (CDX and columnar):

  • the redirect target location is stored in the CDX JSON field “redirect” resp. the column “fetch_redirect”. The value is extracted from HTTP header field “Location” if the HTTP status code indicates a HTTP redirect. A relative URL path is converted to an absolute URL using the page URL as base URL. The key is absent (resp. the field value is null) in case the “Location” value is missing, not a valid URL or not a valid relative URL path.
  • truncation of the WARC record payload is indicated by the key “truncated” resp. the column “content_truncated”. The reason for the truncation is given only for truncated records following the WARC header field “WARC-Truncated”.

Additional details and examples can be found in the corresponding PR #15.

We’ve fixed a bug affecting the capture time (WARC-Date) in the the robots.txt subset which has been extracted from the HTTP “Date” field of the HTTP header and appeared to be occasionally wrong. Please see issue #14 for further details.

Archive Location and Download

The November crawl archive is located in the commoncrawl bucket at crawl-data/CC-MAIN-2019-47/.

To assist with exploring and using the dataset, we provide gzipped files which list all segments, WARC, WAT and WET files.
By simply adding either s3://commoncrawl/ or to each line, you end up with the S3 and HTTP paths respectively.

File List#FilesTotal Size
Compressed (TiB)
WARC filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/warc.paths.gz5600053.95
WAT filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/wat.paths.gz5600018.50
WET filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/wet.paths.gz560008.34
Robots.txt filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/robotstxt.paths.gz560000.24
Non-200 responses filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/non200responses.paths.gz560003.05
URL index filesCC-MAIN-2019-47/cc-index.paths.gz3020.20

The Common Crawl URL Index for this crawl is available at: Also the columnar index has been updated to contain this crawl.

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