The crawl archive for February 2015 is now available! This crawl archive is over 145TB in size and over 1.9 billion webpages. The files are located in the commoncrawl bucket at /crawl-data/CC-MAIN-2015-11/.

To assist with exploring and using the dataset, we’ve provided gzipped files that list:

By simply adding either s3://commoncrawl/ or to each line, you end up with the S3 and HTTP paths respectively.

We’re also happy to introduce the new Common Crawl Index by Ilya Kreymer, creator of The February 2015 and January 2015 indexes are already featured and the aim will be for indexes to be released alongside crawl archives, offering a new way to explore the dataset. Whilst full details will be released in an upcoming blog post, we’re telling you about it now as we’re interested in hearing feedback from the community!

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