Staff and Volunteers

Common Crawl relies heavily on volunteers who contribute their time, effort and insight. Below is a list of the staff and most active volunteers.

Lisa Green

Lisa Green – Director

Lisa is motivated by a strong belief in the power of open systems to drive innovation in education, arts and research. Over the last several years she has been active in the areas of Open Access publishing, Open Science, Open Data, copyright, digital rights and policy. Immediately prior to joining Common Crawl, Lisa was Chief of Staff at Creative Commons. She holds a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of California Berkeley.

Ahad Rena

Ahad Rana – Architect

Ahad has been working on Common Crawl since 2008, where he has been responsible for most of the back-end engineering involved to make the crawl happen. He has more than ten years of experience in software development and has held various engineering positions at companies such as Google and AOL/Netscape. His current day job involves building infrastructure technologies for Factual, an L.A. area startup focused on Open / Big Data.

Allison Domicone

Allison Domicone – Program and Policy Manager

Allison is passionate about using open technology for the benefit of society. She has worked and volunteered extensively in international nonprofits for the past 8 years on everything from intellectual property and digital rights to youth education and leadership. As the Policy and Program Manager, Allison studies and reports on the organization’s role in the digital ecosystem, helps develop and maintain relationships with organizations that share Common Crawl’s philosophy on open innovation, and manages projects to help the organization grow and thrive. Allison graduated from the University of San Francisco with a double major in French and International Studies. She finds great joy in reading everything, traveling anywhere, baking pie, and spending time outdoors.

Steve Salevan

Steve Salevan – Code Wrangler

Steve Salevan is an engineer passionate about the possibilities of open data. He came to the CommonCrawl project as an interested volunteer, working on open-sourcing the full stack and making the dataset easier to access to everyone. He currently serves as a Test Engineer for Google, and in the past served a similar role at Red Hat, having caught the open source bug there at lunch one fateful afternoon. The incredible power that we can gain to know ourselves better when we match open source with open data inspired him to help this happen, and he hopes to build a strong community around this unique, freedom-strengthening idea.

Outside of work, he maintains a 1970s synthesizer cage, much to the dismay of his girlfriend, and digs quality beer, cooking, and radio broadcasting, preferably when all of these things happen at the same time.

Jakob Homan

Jakob Homan – Time Lord

Jakob Homan is a Senior Software Engineer on the Search, Network and Analytics (SNA) team at LinkedIn, where he works on improving and expanding the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem. He is currently focused on Apache Giraph and Apache Hive. He is a committer and PMC member on the Hadoop and Giraph projects and a contributor to many other Hadoop ecosystem projects. He earned his degree in Computing and Software Systems at the University of Washington, Bothell and worked on Hadoop at Yahoo! for nearly three years before moving on to LinkedIn.